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Double Edge Sword Workshop

Warriors on the Battlefield Workshop is creating a platform for open, honest, transparent and heartfelt discussions as it relates to youth/adults in society and communities by addressing real life issues that affect this and future generations.  Discussions on serious crimes, finding its root and operation and educating members of society on how to safely escape out of it, while providing help and professional support and safeguarding.  The percentage of gun and knife crimes are rapidly rising and WOTB have a panel of high calibre professional experts that are able to address these issues and concerns in a down to earth manner. Their life experiences have taught and equipped them with badges of excellence and honour.

“WOTB’s burden and a passion is to give hope to a dying nation”

Our Advocates

Some of the topics include:

Straight talk (When real life issues affect you in society)

What happens when a child kills





What happens when a father is absent and there is no Role Models

How to help youth/adults personally, socially and economically and more…

Workshop Gallery